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About Our Church


The Heir Church ministry began as Joint Heirs Christian Center in September of 1984 in Jacksonville, FL.  The church was founded by Dr. David M. Thomas with the vision of victory for the believer, based upon their knowledge of the Word of God, the understanding of faith in God and a working biblical knowledge of who they are in Christ as a result of the New Birth.

The ministry has an emphasis on the subjects of Prosperity, Marriage, and other vital areas to give the believer a well rounded working knowledge of the word of God. 

Senior Pastor Dr. David M. Thomas is a graduate of Living Word Ministries Bible School where he received the foundation for a dynamic teaching ministry that is described as supernatural practicality. Pastor Thomas is one of the most well-received teachers in the body of Christ, as his ministry style is simple, yet profound as lives are changed and souls saved through faith in the word of God as it is taught.

Please feel free to contact us and get the full picture of what the Spirit of the Lord has to say regarding what has been done and what has been said for God’s people.

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